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Neil Patel explains how to use ist

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json-ld FAQ


So you can easily integrate JSON-LD for questions & answers (FAQ) and benefit from the special presentation e.g. in the SERPs of Google. you research…

Change output with CSS

If you have checked the “Render HTML” box, the FAQ will be displayed in our standard design on the website, in addition to the JSON-LD…

json-ld person

HowTo JSON-LD Person

The idea behind these elements is to create relationships between people. This has proven to be helpful in making a self-evidence. With this structural element…

json-ld event

HowTo JSON-LD Event

This structured data element is particularly suitable for announcing one-off events in news or an event page. It is not an event list or calendar…

json-ld job

HowTo JSON-LD JobPosting

Integration is particularly suitable for companies (SMEs) that have individual vacancies to fill. It is important that the JSON-LD is included on the detail page…