Support Free Software ✌️

Software development costs time & money

Support us in the development of the plugin! If we can take more time for further development, updates and support, it will be faster 🙂

In return we can offer the following:

Address potential customers in the WordPress environment

Our reach and expertise can become your advantage! We offer you different communication channels to get in touch with your target group. These include

  • Mention as sponsor in the changelog
  • Display advertising in the news area
  • Newsletter dispatch (to be named as sponsor for release info mails)
  • SocialMedia (be named as a sponsor for release info posts)
  • sponsored posts

Your advantages

  • Exclusivity: strictly limited slots and exclusive agreements
  • Authenticity: living software solution with a strong brand
  • Cost control: no hidden costs through fixed prices
  • Service: on request we create the advertising material and content for you