What does the Structured Content Plugin do?

With the Structured Content Plugin you can add multiple content boxes with JSON-LD micro data output to in posts & pages, e.g. FAQ or JobPosting.

Currently supported formats

Further content elements will follow – stay tuned!

Purpose & Goals

You run a blog/magazine with WordPress. You publish articles/pages in which you take up questions and problems of the users and answer or solve them.

The targeted answering of W-questions is often used to rank high in the search result lists (SERP) of various search engines for these search queries and thus receive visitors – often on so-called holistic landing pages.

At best, the search algorithms, including those of Google, rate the question and answer as so relevant that they are played out at “position 0” as a so-called “featured snippet”.

To make it as easy as possible for the algorithms to classify the question and answer as relevant, we want to send clear signals on a technical level.

Using the example of the existing question & answer element

  • these are in a separate container,
  • are highlighted in the styling,
  • are marked as such correctly according to

The correct labelling can be checked, for example, with the “Markup Validator“.

Your advantages

Plugin or external script generator?
There are many free JSON-LD generators on the net but a plugin brings many advantages:


The workflow of the editors is not interrupted.
Simply create structured content in the content area.


If defaults change, you don’t have to edit all scripts inserted manually.


Gutenberg blocks & shortcuts are easy to edit without having to look at the code.


Your data remain yours – the plugin does not transfer anything! Do you know what the generators do with your researched content?

Wir unter stützen Gutenberg & den TinyMCE

Future-proof your website

The plugin works fine with Gutenberg but also with the TinyMCE. There is no easier way to integrate JSON-LD on a website: no programming skills are required.

We have written an introduction for you for each structural element. If you have questions, please write a comment.

We provide active support in the WP Forum

Active Support Forum

If you have any questions we have written many instructions for you. If you have any questions, please read our forum.

We actively maintain this forum and try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

<script type=application/ld+json>
    @type: FAQPage,
    mainEntitiy: [{
        @type: Question,
        name: What, it’s that simple?,
        acceptedAnswer: {
          @type: Answer,
          text: Yessir, with #WPSC! You’ll never have to go through that awkward code
                   or open an extra Editor again.


Support the development

We develop the plugin further according to our own needs. That’s how the plugin came about: it solved our problems.

If you need a specific structured element for your content, please contact us – you can order the implementation. We will look at the requirements and make you an offer you can’t refuse 🙂

Your advantages

  • Existing development environment and therefore fast implementation
  • you will be listed as sponsor of the respective structural element
    • of this website,
    • on the plugin website and
    • mentioned in the changelog
  • you don’t have to worry about any further maintenance